10 Steps to creating an effective Management System


Creating a Quality Management System can seem daunting.  Creating an effective Quality Management System seems almost impossible.

The thing to remember is, that if you currently have an effective, profitable business, you are possibly implementing a Quality Management System without knowing it.  The challenge is to document this system and communicate the requirements to your staff.

The key is to keep it simple, look at what works for you and then see what additional requirements a global system, such as ISO9001, requires.  Once you have documented and communicated your system, the final hurdle is to generate evidence that you are doing what you say you are doing.

Below are 10 simple steps to start you off on your journey in creating an effective Quality Management System.

  1. Understand the requirements of ISO9001 or any similar standard you wish to follow

2. Conduct a gap analysis of your current business practices

3. Conduct risk assessments throughout your business

4. Identify existing documentation which works for you

5. If something is not adding value, question it or get rid of it

6. Less is more, start with the basics

7. Go electronic and ditch the hardcopies

8 D.on’t call is a quality management system, this scares people


If this process does seem daunting and impossible, contact DCX7 Consulting and we will assist in developing a system for you or at least can kick start the process for you.



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